10 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

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We all love a celebrity wedding. Seeing two people vow to love each other forever is cute, but we have to admit that seeing what the ring looks like is definitely our favorite part. And more often than not, the engagement rings in particular are something to shout about. Not only do these celebrities have the money to put together their partner’s dream engagement ring, they also get to work with some of the best jewelry designers in the business. These famous people aren’t playing around when it comes to showing their loved one just how loved they truly are. And whether that comes in the form of millions of dollars worth of diamonds, or a rare gemstone, they’re not holding back from going all out when it comes to the ring. Nowadays, it even almost seems like a competition to see who can propose with the most ostentatious ring. But we guess that’s all just part of being a celebrity.

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