Time For A Upgrade: New Luggage

Since the year of 2006 I have used the same piece of luggage for every overseas and domestic jaunt, it was time for an upgrade and with a local store; Bags To Go offering “mega discounts” the timing was perfect. Gone is the bright maroon suitcase that was tatty, torn, with busted zips and all, and in comes two new sleek hard-cases with four-wheels!

1. Australian Luggage Co. Astro 28” 4.7kg / 120L
$119.95 (down from $270 AUD)

•4 x double rotating wheels
•TSA locks

2. Jeep Cherokee 61cm Medium – 3.7kg / 72L
$99.95 (down from $340AUD)

•Lightweight construction
•4-wheel drive spin system

As part of the special there was a gift pack worth $75.00 that included; Travel Wet Pack, RFID Passport Cover & Digital Luggage Scales.

Dear Baggage Handlers, handle with care… hahaha


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