Little Mix \”Love Me Like You\” Music Video

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The new music video for the girls new song “Love Me Like You” just hit the interwebs and keeping with the throwback theme of the track that we love so much, the girls went with a little old school/high school prom vibe for this one. In the video we see Jade, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jesy having the hots for the unbelievably attractive jock guy, who knows he’s hot, and uses that to break girls hearts. We all know at least one of these creatures IRL. But this guy has some serious, next level game and some serious balls …and if you’re a sicko out there: by balls I mean guts not his male genitalia…even thought that still would apply.

Anyhoo because mini-Fabio is so hypnotically beautiful, he proceeds to swoon all four of our girls, making them each believe that he’s actually going to take them to prom.

He ropes Jade in using his fancy convertible, Jesy gets her prom proposal in a movie theater, and Leigh-Anne gets picked out of a line up of cute girls on the sidelines of a pick up basketball game. But Perries hot guy encounter probably most accurately portrayed something that I would have done: She is so mezmorized that she falls off of her bike and the hot angel comes to her aid, and picks her up, and asks her to prom. Except in my version, the hot guy laughs at me and I get a bloody knee and I run off to marching band practice crying…but at least I was first chair so there. It’s something I’m still working through.

But fast forward to prom night in this video and the hot guy ditches all four of our girls, for some OTHER GIRL IN PINK TOOL, and the girls are heart broken, especially after finding out they all fell for the same guy… but, hey, at least they have each other!

So, what did you think about this video for Love Me Like You!? That might be rheorical BUT go ahead and share your feels in the comments below, also head over here to learn how to get rainbow hair on fleek. Im Erin Robinson, being silly on this Friday. Hope you have a good weekend.

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