December in Prague: A 36 Hour Trip

Author: fit-personality

Prague, you have truly outdone yourself. Not only did you look like something out of a fairytale, but your people are nice and your drinks are cheap. My 36 hours in Czech Republic were hours I will never forget.

It all started on a Friday. Friday. Gonna fly out on Friday. Oh my god I’m so cool. Anyways, I headed from work on the train to Luton airport and boarded my pink and purple plane to head to ze Czech Republic where I was meeting 5 of my friends, 4 of whom are studying abroad in Prague.

The plane landed in Prague at about 11:30pm, and as fate would have it, the girls I’m staying with have the chillest of all chill drivers named Tomas who came to pick me up from the airport and drive me to all my needed destinations. Tomas loves Americans, and Americans love Tomas. Seriously, such a homie.

He took me to the house I was staying at to drop off my stuff, and then we headed to the club, Lucerna, where all the girls were already many tequila shots into their night.

The 2 story bar was not only packed with literally hundreds of college students, it was also 90’s night, so to say I was into the music is the biggest understatement that Praha has seen all year. This night was insanely fun and everyone I met there was so nice.

We left the club around 4:30am, when Tomas picked us up and took us back to the apartment, where I would sleep until about 12pm. Then Brit and I set out for coffee and breakfast at the Bake Shop, where I had a much needed Americano and a not-so-veggie omelet, because they accidentally put bacon in it.

The rest of the day was spent exploring the town. The weather was bad, but I got to see all the major stuff that I wanted to see. And in a way, the gloomy weather made everything look every cooler. The really historic parts of the city looked mysterious and the colorful buildings all stood out.

The world oldest functioning astronomical clock.

That bridge though.

The John Lennon Wall. Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with John Lennon. This thing was a bigger deal to me than it probably should have been. But I love that people go and graffiti (mostly) words of love and peace.

Then we went over to the Castle which was unreal. Seriously, this place is MASSIVE. And every single inch of it has a unique design. The closer you get to it the more detail you can see, and it really makes you appreciate how impressive historical European architecture is.

The Christmas market <3 <3 <3. Words can’t even describe it. The mulled wine, the giant tree, the christmas carolers, the christmas pop up shops… THIS PLACE IS EVERYTHING. A perfect way to end my night before going to Giovanni’s Italian restaurant in the square.

The next morning, I headed out back to London so I was back in time to make it to the gym and get ready for work the next day. Prague, you truly were amazing and one of my favorite places I have been to so far.

Author: fit-personality
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