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Reunion Across the Pond

Author: shayfan I really did sleep in this morning, and one thing that I have learned is that when an...

Lisbon Dangerous

Author: lanlaliti Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll? The Mafia? Deadly disease? Lisbon is more dangerous than you could ever imagine,...

TRAVEL: Orlando, Florida USA

Author: backofthehouse Avanti Resort: Don Draper would hang out here for sure Avanti Resort in Orlando FL not only looks cool with its awesome décor, but it became for me an oasis of quietness in the middle of a very chaotic visit to Disney World with our 5 kids (all

Big Ben

Author: thecaptiveaudience I love London. That’s all.  Author: thecaptiveaudience From around the web HI   iPhone Thefts Drop Drastically Thanks...

Turkey hitch-hiking (28 days on the way)

Author: modakvoda From previous trips Luka knew the driver who took us directly from Tbilisi to Trabzon. This was 20 hours road as i can remember. We drove from noon till late night and than driver had a few hours of nap. I couldn’t sleep in the car, sitting

December in Prague: A 36 Hour Trip

Author: fit-personality Prague, you have truly outdone yourself. Not only did you look like something out of a fairytale, but your people are nice and your drinks are cheap. My 36 hours in Czech Republic were hours I will never forget. It all started on a Friday. Friday. Gonna fly

10 Most Remarkable Opera Houses in the World

10 Most Remarkable Opera Houses in the World When it comes to architectural treasures, an opera house is often a city’s most prized gem. The best opera houses weren’t just built to showcase leading tenors, baritones and sopranos but to demonstrate the world that the city had achieved a


Pets’m a cat owner. I love my cat, and I’d love to travel with her. But traveling with pets comes with a lot of extra work. Paperwork, that is. Here’s my little brat, Zelda. Before you travel abroad with a pet, you should check if 1) the

Top travel stories (April 2014)

Top travel stories (April 2014)Top travel stories (April 2014) Here is our monthly roundup of travel stories that have piqued our interest. More than 20% of parents say they have been fined for unauthorised holidays : We know school is important but to us these fines are ridiculous. You can learn

New Post has been published on Traveling with MJ

New Post has been published on Stories for August 17th, 2014I spent much of the last week in Hawaii, snugly in a hotel with every amenity working, but I was reminded that there were still areas in the islands without power. In those homes without power live

Globetrotting – Travellers Tales – Vietnam Trip May 2014 – Part 2

Globetrotting – Travellers Tales – Vietnam Trip May 2014 – Part 2Travellers Tales Vietnam Trip May 2014 Part 2 Intro by Ralph Kratzer, Article by Mike Maternaghan In my post some days ago, I wrote about a trip to Vietnam, organized and accomplished by Mike Maternaghan, board member of the British Residents

Benefits of River Cruising

River cruising has quickly become one of the fastest growing trends in the cruise industry. With smaller ships that are able to navigate through inland waterways, river cruises often dock in the heart of cities and villages, allowing for seamless exploration of places that large ocean carriers could never