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Mac attack! Nasty bug lets hackers into Apple computers

Author: starinfranet Some Apple Macs have a particularly terrible flaw that lets hackers sneak in and remain undetected, a security researcher has found. It means a hacker could – from far away – force a Mac into a coma. Personal, corporate or government Macs could be spied on in a

360 Video-Picture Credit Disney

Author: magicaldistractions 360 Video-Picture Credit Disney Disney Parks Blog released news of a new video experience that takes you into all four Walt Disney World Resort Parks with just a tap on your mobile device! If that wasn’t neat enough, you’re also in control of what you can see! This state-of-the-art experience

What You Must Know About Bluetooth

Author: indikawicks Bluetooth is a wireless technology that operates in short range. Bluetooth enable wireless connections of computers, mobile devices, and other peripherals with each other and to the Internet. This technology has eliminated the requirement of cables for connecting devices each other. The effective range of device using Bluetooth

This one-armed robot may put you out of a job

Author: pkdnews Will this one-armed robot put you out of a job? Sawyer the one-armed robot can do many things. It can assemble goods on the factory floor day after day without tiring, taking toilet breaks, or asking its boss for a raise. What Sawyer can’t do, however, is understand the

Whom exactly is the Apple Watch for?

Author: pkdnews Who exactly is the Apple Watch for? After a year of lusting and longing, the first lucky customers have finally strapped on their brand new Apple Watches. That first day is probably filled with wonder, excitement, and the giddy high that comes with any new relationship. But soon that

iPhone Thefts Drop Drastically Thanks To Built-In “Kill Switch”

Author: ujjalnewsnish New Post has been published on Thefts Drop Drastically Thanks To Built-In “Kill Switch”A kill feature that renders a smartphone useless if stolen appears to be taking a bite out of crime. It’s been over a year since Apple introduced a “kill switch” with iOS

Latest Technology – 2014-11-29 Update #1

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Mazda’s Latest Technology Could Revolutionize Your Headlights

Author: brianbrownnet New Post has been published on Mazda’s Latest Technology Could Revolutionize Your Headlights If you’ve ever been blinded by an oncoming car’s headlights because the driver forgot to dim, you’re in luck. Mazda is developing new technology that can detect oncoming traffic from up to