Best Funny Cute Kids Compilation May 2015

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Credits and Citations:
1. Best Vines-
2. Best Vines-Asian Girl Singing-
3. Best Vines-I want to take a nap-
4. Best Vines-It’s Not funny Ok-
5. Worldstar-Whats on your face-
6. Best Moments-Despicable me-
7. Amira-Little Twerk Team-
8. Funny Little Kids-Kid on Bike and Chairs-
9. Vabessa Aparicio-A banana-
10. Scott Forsyth-Dad leaf blower-
11. Funny Vines-No no no no no-
12. PopulerVinelar-Knocks toy car off table-
13. PopulerVinelar2-Kid doing dishes-
14. PopulerVinelar3-Baby answers phone-


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