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In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Ariana Grande opened up about her doughnut scandal, her new fragrance, and assured fans that they can expect her new single within the week.
We already know Ari is sorry about the whole doughnut situation, so skipping that, Ari did some promo for her new fragrance called Ari by Ariana Grande and dropped some very exciting news.
When asked about the dreaded doughnut situation, Ariana took responsibility once again saying QUOTE – “I think one of the biggest things I learned from that was what it feels like to disappoint so many people who love and believe in you. And that’s an excruciating feeling.”
But then the mood lightened up when Ariana introduced her new fragrance called ARI by Ariana Grande which marks her debut into the signature fragrance world. Describing the fragrance, Ari said – “It’s really sweet, you know, there’s a little bit of marshmallow, a little bit of raspberry. “I’m fairly new to the fragrance industry, I guess, but it is kind of like making a song. You pick a bunch of different notes and they can either make like a really pretty chord or an ugly chord and it smells awful or it smells great.”
Ariana explained that the fragrance has been released in coordination with the #BeYou campaign which is a social media campaign all about embracing your true self. Ari stressed that the campaign is all about inspiring people to be confident and embrace who they truly are.
Now as for that single dropping news tho!! Ari said that we can expect it within the week and I’m holding her to it.

I can’t wait! So what do you guys think of what Ariana had to say on GMA? And how excited are you for this new single? Sound off in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here for a rundown of some ridiculous Ariana Grande rumors. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m Ryland Adams and I’ll see you next time.

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