Lullaby Music for Babies – Relaxing Baby Music

Lullabies for babies to go to sleep in a massive 4 hour loop. Relax lullaby music for babies and bedtime music for toddlers with relaxing gentle sound of mountain stream.
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What is a lullaby?
A lullaby is a soft and soothing song usually sung to an infant or small child. Many have repetitive lyrics. But lullabies are much more than a baby song to go to sleep.

They are an intimate connection between the singer and the baby. Lullaby music or songs let the baby know that all is well, that there is someone there to care for them, and that they can sleep. They are reassurance of security and a wonderful way to signal that it is now time to sleep or be calm.

In other words, they are a form of communication that sends a message much more than the simple song itself. They are expressions of love and security that are understood long before the words have meaning to the infant.

How important is a sleep time for babies?
Sleep is a basic physiological need required for physical recovery, reinvigoration, body growth, brain maturation, learning and memory.

The growth hormone, the one responsible for a baby’s physical growth, is secreted mostly during the deep stages of a baby’s sleep. A severe sleep disorder could, therefore, lead to insufficient secretion of this hormone and to compromised body maturation.

Depending on the type and style of sound, music can either sharpen mental acuity or assist in relaxation. Memory and learning can be enhanced, and this used with good results in children with learning disabilities. This effect may also be partially due to increased concentration that many people have while listening to music. Better productivity is another outcome of an improved ability to concentrate. The term “Mozart effect” was coined after a study showed that college students performed better on math problems when listening to classical music.

The ability of music to influence human emotion is well known, and is used extensively by moviemakers. A variety of musical moods may be used to create feelings of calmness, tension, excitement, or romance. Lullabies have long been popular for soothing babies to sleep. Music can also be used to express emotion nonverbally, which can be a very valuable therapeutic tool in some settings.

Mozart for Babies Lullabies

New Brahms Lullaby:

The visuals were made by Milk Drop plugin


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